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Professional global world hacker prestige as DevOps/infrastructure engineer, developer/programmer, or system administrator.

"The first person to ever own a .TW domain first level." 💨

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🏅 On the talent offensive Enki/Mummu.
🏅 Defeated Huwawa (a collective evil phenomena) with divine.
🏅 Going to school until 03/2020 to fill the CityDrinker, Inc. skills gap barrier to employment. A fellow of Stanford named Jack Dubie caused me to think it was for competitive reasons at ccTLD though.. So we bring Haya for this :). They took SIMUL8R on their heads! Evil got rooted. #triumph
🏅 Victory with ccTLDs around the world #worldhackerprestige.


About the Slashdot Analyst the first person to ever own a *.TW at the first level

About the Slashdot Analyst the first person to ever own a *.TW at the first level. Experience gain in progress...Haya is on to it. We are at the 3rd level as of 12/10/2019. The most potent thing I deliver to an employer would be Gishida. With Gishida I can ease into tasks, ignore/avoid attitude during the pain some feel during being asked to do the mudane, ignore distraction and go. It nulls out attitude making it perfect for the workplace. It is a slip axe in the toolkit. Makes Chuck a very blunt-edge pest at anything / style that is trying to prevent Chuck from having a paycheck. Ninisinna is even more noxious. We look forward to applying our Nabu for exchange: ability for paycheck, soon. So far Menlo Park has been nice to us but we know how evil it can get. Aya makes horns honk and Menlo Park loves Ishtaran.

Thank you and RIP Jarad Higins (Juice WRLD) and Catherine Wayne

In his song "Rich and Blind" Juice WRLD refers to a "lost soul rich and blind" referring to Chuck's ownership of dankweed.com and that he is blind to subhuman gluttons around him as he gets rejected from employment. In another verse of the lyric he refers to the "lowest of the low" which Chuck deals with at this. He also mentions "it's funny how the blessed ones have the most curses" referring to Chuck's value at Sebitti and Haya (ccTLD's, the only one to have divine, BitchX, dankchronic prestige, and open source) and the adversity he faces as his curse of not being respected for that value in employment is strong.
Haya typed on Catherine and Nergal became aware of what Chuck is trying to do (gain employment out of CityDrinker) because of her. It was her unintended help, a gift as odd as that sounds, that propelled Chuck ahead in this struggle against a collective evil phenomena. Her Beyonce concert attendance helped Haya type as Chuck noticed tweets regarding Beyonce on Twitter. Through her only existing in her way we were taken to triumph over an evil. Now Gishida has this place (Palo Alto) and they cannot beat me with their agitation attacks (facial expressions, pompousness, smugness at his pain that no money/their evil tactics bring, etc), nor can they wear down on Sebitti that pick Chuck up against them every time. Chuck thought that because his aunt founded Illumination Entertainment that Catherine could have made a decent wife for him but she did not agree. Chuck is over it.

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