Charles Thompson's saga

Charles Thompson is a noble soul who came to find evil at Palo Alto when he left CityDrinker to pivot toward better with his prestige and to attain Stanford in 2011.

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A note on the strongest candidate experience-wise to ever enter your applicant pool:

I'm a world class rare global prestige in technology featuring 6 years of startup experience, ccTLD hacking/BIND patching experience as a youth (Slashdot and BBC mentioned), Linux administrator experience from Nuper Technology, and MIT open source notoriety. I've also had root on nameservers ( with 27500 domain names in /var/named. I had root on the .IN NIC ccTLD which is among the most populous countries in the world. I have also had root on RankPay (, an affiliate registrar of GoDaddy) in San Diego to do the work of installing mod_security. I'm mostly in this for the money I am almost 40 years old and haven't even lived yet. Still need the Alfa Romeo, studio apartment, my mason jar full of nugs, Lamborghini, babes, good healthcare, stock, etc. and I haven't reached much status at all. Although you would think I'd be a figure of some sort particularly with being noted on the BBC for all time it has not happened as well as I pictured.

Daniel Wood from PriceGrabber lifted me through some experience and endorsed me for my future efforts. He was my supervisor at CityDrinker and can vouch if need be. In addition to cloud and DevOps I also have some experience as a system administrator (configuration management). I also feature Ruby on the job automation as a system administrator (from BRK Group, LLC). For merit I carry a C++ certificate from MSJC at 99% score. I co-authored RealtXpress, a real estate software project. My open source mention at MIT is as "goat" on BitchX for I did an original ANSI glitch by accident to #BitchX on EFNet IRC. This original and spontaneous hack accidently crashed everyone's terminal and the author began asked how it happened. Jordan Young can vouch that I'm really the goat and that the domain name was real as he saw.

I am working on my "Advanced Linux" / "Intermediate Python Programming" credentials from De Anza College in Cupertino which will be done by 03/27/2020. I also have plenty of references. I paid $450 for one year of LinuxAcademy and $60 for the book "Python for DevOps" by Noah Gift from O'Reilly. I'm hoping I get current at recent DevOps advancements as quick as possible. I have roughly 7-8 months left of LinuxAcademy. I'm condensing the knowledge needed to break new DevOps roles. Since it is suicide without money I have to consider "system administrator" as my minimum job take. I'm a worthy addition to any company that needs this type of work done in the Silicon Valley (I'm in San Jose, CA, USA).

My story

I am at Kingu a bit there is some evolutionary stuff that is scaring me so I have to remain at a neutral base. Protecting my evolution is essential. So yeah, I always thought about mushrooms in antiviral medicine but just tonight found out that that is true according to Wikipedia. I started a Shroomery account "methoxy" awhile back and run Folding @ Home for the team there. I have a number of points accumulated. When I was a young man I had root on Spore.Stanford.EDU and

On the Stanford system I found a lot of cool stuff that really provoked my interest in science research. Mostly 'catalase' type stuff involving enzymatic reactions in dataset lists from the IRIX 6.5.3 work of the system. What I could guess are the results of nucleopeptide reactions for a bigger research picture. Many substances listed in data files with '-ase' at the end that's all I remember. I was also in the gifted computer class in high school. My aunt got me into C++ when I was little and I knew about HTML, Javascript, IRIX, and csh when her husband brought it up (IRIX and csh must have been involved in Industrial Light & Magic's projects).

Shown: Chuck, a wily former ccTLDist hacker "expert", experienced startup professional, and champion against an evil met Juan Diego Calle, CEO of the .CO NIC in Palo Alto, CA in 2013 while trying to attain Stanford.

Janet Healy (my aunt on my father's side) is/was the co-founder of Illumination Entertainment (Minions franchise) if she is still around probably retired now. I did my C++ training at Mt. San Jacinto College as encouraged by her got 99% on the final exam there for both sections. My unique exposure to domains at the registry level as a youth led me to purchase a drop catch from the now defunct BasicFusion registrar. The weed seems like a cool business to buy domains for. I recently sold Maybe I will do the school thing who knows where it will lead. I am above average in intelligence if I have an intuition about the role of mushrooms in antiviral medicine and I make registry admin shots at domain investment. I have a Kingu. That's all I know.

It gets deeper there is this Kung Fu step-uncle that did a kick of power which was pretty cool (at the Presidential Hoover House, "Hoover" apparently being a symbol of Stanford's visitor tower). I found out this step-uncle was a professor of radiology and also Stanford affiliated. His wife is from Bristol Meyers Squibb / Johnson and Johnson (listed as a Forbes Most Powerful Woman) who apparently also has a biology degree and was the Dean of Business for Ohio State. I have in the past had interest in Stanford University but found a conflict there in becoming a student and grew of age too high for the educational programs of the University. The monsters of Stanford were interesting. When I tried to follow that said step-uncle on Twitter they used vocal tonalities to discourage me from doing so. Some kind of mind control power that goes on around me. Kingu is aware.

So because of my prominence in ccTLDs and the prestige of CityDrinker I decided to try and work at Ayasdi (a Menlo Park data startup) in 2015. That went no where. They ignored me repeatedly at and during a walk-in to hand them my resume in casual attire. Eventually after I tried reaching out to some of their employees with LinkedIn Premium I got a response finally from the email. You would think knowing Christine Poon (the Forbes-listed step-aunt described above with connections as a share holder to Bristol-Meyers Squibb and Johnson and Johnson) and having an elite background that it would be an easy hire and even a possible bonus for getting BMS listed on the front of their website where their clients are showcased. Unfortunately for me in a world of evil that was not the case. I was told to never contact Ayasdi again. So much for the "Future Stanford Alumnus" shirt I wore in a photo in 5th grade and my sister being a Berkeley graduate. It looked like on all corners of this frontier was a style of coercion, wickedness, terror, and oppression. That was, until I met a consort of divine at my last incarceration.

Now I remain at Haya who preserves my prestige and makes me in always with employment that is similar to CityDrinker in quality and a Gishida that gives off a null effect toward this psychological warfare that most people would collapse and flip out under. Without Haya I would cave in and lose my sense of value to the power that they have in rejecting me 100+ times and essentially "pissing on me" working to make me cave into feelings of inferiority. Mummu is acting against attacks that would otherwise leave me out of touch (psychologically disillusioned) with craft/raw skill. So I do have a way here. I am not dead at technology just because CityDrinker (2011), C++ 99% score at MSJC (2008), MIT and BitchX (1996, see 'goat' in file), and BIND8 11 ccTLDs (1999-2001) with noted Slashdot / BBC mention are not perceived as being received by these employers as legendary and prominent. Although in my self searching I perceived that maybe I should get more skill so I enrolled in De Anza College for "Intermediate Python Programming" and "Advanced Linux".

I have grown as a result of these rejections but food and comfortable living remains a crisis to my advancement to becoming the experienced elite startup engineer that I have an "iron will" at Misharu to be. Gishida can delete anything about the perception of this crisis which is thankfully a blessing. Nidaba is helping me through this difficult time. It is sad to see that such a wonder boy of technology was cast out of civilization like this, but Gishida has me. Haya even cuts through the fats of De Anza College which can leave one feeling mediocre against what was supposed to be: a prestigious and prominent one going back to a junior college after CityDrinker _and_ realizing I'm class with Nidaba? Nidaba is here. Geshtu-E knows the subhumans of HR in this existence surely think about their ghosting, rejection strategy, and other psychological tactic. Why am I using job portals instead of just taking private inquiries from people/personnel like CTOs. I am after the ISOs of equity - a key chosen.

Nabu broke MachineZone. Alongside Palantir in being a force although not at abducting Chuck like Palantir MachineZone threw salt in that wound during Judge Manley's court, informing the DA threatening to "call police" if Chuck continued seeking employment there. Haya sai. We still here, over it. The long story short on Palantir, apparently Chuck was abducted by an officer without question regarding a falsehood of "criminal threats" that was nothing more than a Chuck trying to align NATO powers of the world against the evil that refused to act against itself even after calling 100 RICO Act attorneys, using the California Tort Claims Act, and using the California Victim's Compensation Board for their actions in the Santa Clara County Main Jail identity: EBY519. They did EBY519, and that is certain. It all started with an abduction and falsehood on 10/31/2012 at the Starbucks on California Avenue (Palo Alto) where gestapo police of Palo Alto just took Chuck for "challenging to a fight" and they crafted a false witness statement that Chuck threatened someone inside the Starbucks to a fight when it was a Chuck actually beset by harassment, even describing every detail to Facebook without a curious soul even once coming to him saying "I am interested in this, this is very wrong." because they can't. Apparently this is Gishida's evil world. They went to war with Chuck immediately when he refused Taos and wanted to work for a stock package at Medallia, Inc.

These relentless styles of psychopathy like calling him "aggressive" when he is assertive, always threatening to use police against an innocent, and other general wickedness really had Chuck in misery for some time through jails and courts. Ninhursag took that power. Police are useless against Chuck now and using them as the "instruments/weapons of harassment, terror, molest, and evil" will no longer affect Chuck. Apparently it is that evil world vs. Charles Thompson at divine. The psychology of this attack (MachineZone) was simple: Chuck would feel cast out of his intended employment out of CityDrinker in pursuing similar quality employment if MachineZone could make Chuck become dejected. It is in his prestige and prominence preserved by Haya toward the endgame where we stand now at subhuman HR tactic (described above). There is nothing cooler than minimum wage stuff like the AT&T store in Palo Alto being blocked by Haya's power (without Haya Chuck would feel worth of minimum wage, and want to give up and work at the AT&T store. The power of their warfare and their divine object - money does not work). Dominating over Chuck not and powerless due to Gishida that evil force is. They will be refused the reward of getting any sort of reaction out of Chuck due to Gishida's "null blanket" of effect.

A DevOps Engineer with a Divine Way

In with LinuxAcademy and De Anza College ("Intermediate Python Programming" / "Advanced Linux") until March 27th then I should be ready for configuration management. Daniel Wood and Marc Compagnon are chipping in some funds so I don't get starving as a result of being broke. Nergal helps Chuck eat here. He will take me through the cheapest of dining options so I don't spend too much money on stuff like Whole Foods. Without Nergal and Gishida Chuck prefers to eat food he can see being cooked as he would have a distrust of restaurants. With a car and a license (Chuck wants the Alfa Romeo Giulia TI AWD Sport) we could get to the store and pick up some groceries for cooking at the studio apartment (also with the salary from work although Chuck lived at CityDrinker). With this book I bought on Amazon (left) for $60 I will develop a sense for automation that will carry me forward. I look forward to using tools like Ansible. Anu is ready to take me out of Zyprexa sober horror house to a better place. I applied for System1 in Venice Beach so I can have an office like I had at CityDrinker (looked small in the photo on their LinkedIn portal) by the coast! If I don't hear back I have a stamped envelope I'll write them a reminder letter. An advanced ccTLDist expert from De Anza College / MSJC is sophisticated enough in development to handle DevOps engineer well without concern of experience not being high enough or anything else being an issue.

I was at the CityDrinker startup company for about a month before Dan's USC degree got me thinking about Stanford (as I was photographed in my 5th grade picture, story above) so I left and I couldn't do the work well anyway I wasn't aligned with divine and I still didn't earn a minimum of $80,000 a year so it didn't click to stay there long. Daniel Wood was just being kind (as he always has been) he was my coworker that got me in at CityDrinker! Apparently also, something felt absent from my life - a calling, that a way of CityDrinker was not fulfilling entirely. You could say my father sent me to a hell of an evil Palo Alto place (complete with a Palantirian "macabre" nature) by putting me in that 5th grade photograph with the shirt "Future Stanford Alumnus". But while I was there at CityDrinker I worked with Dan and I managed to write a Python script plus build a workstation with NAS. Hence the "systems engineer" because I developed a system.

So yeah - I'm a disabled in tech. I'm ready to get off disability and enter the work world of higher salary want to make sure I lock in a monthly income securely. I bring Gishida and a wonderful ability that allows me to not feel bothered by ANY task whatsoever that an employer presents that is in the scope of the job requirements. I do not react where other people would. It is a cloak of indifference. The effect towards what anyone could be bothered by in a position of employment or an incident within employment becomes null. We are into freedom from the sober living home and SSI. We want to have the freedom to have a cannabis club card again be allowed to drink alcohol. Especially want to get off Zyprexa although atomoxetine is pretty nice need medical benefits out of an employer.

I have to get my license (going to pay for driver's training with the salary) and GED tutoring no big deal (Francis at CityDrinker was letting me go to Melrose Ave. for adult education) just have to get it done. Daniel Wood is from PriceGrabber so we've sort've "mirrored" him in our own career way. He is our mentor figure and got a house for himself apparently PriceGrabber was a success. We want a house too! I'm into getting a good stock package out of a company! My clothes are OK for now, I just want to have to have enough for food and get shelter like I had living at Francis' place during CityDrinker. Basically I see that System1 place as my old job back but more jobs could interest us in the way ahead.

Also I call this place I live at the "sober horror house" because the housemates choke and cough as my divine type at their terminals to boost me. They strategize here in San Jose, Menlo Park, and Palo Alto but my divine have me through the worst of it already and I'm ready to advance life in the fast lane I got a computer: Dell Inspiron 5482 2in1 i5 8265U feat. Samsung 970 Pro 512GB NVMe SSD with 16GB RAM perfect for Vagrant, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Terraform, etc. homelabs with LinuxAcademy integrating into Noah Gift's Python book (above left). Garra took this place they tried doing a technique called "blabber mouth" to confuse my divine but Garra got in. They do strategies that we have to really be prepared for but it isn't really going to interfere with me having an independent life. We're really advanced at it now.

Chuck exists with Ishtaran and Gishida in extreme toxicity

holy shit this place is toxic. we got a evil housemate that insults me. leaves the windows open when it is cold on purpose and because I dont want to be cold he insults me gets all ableist attitude then says I "stink up the place" and like he's not really doing it to make me sicker although I didnt bring that up, but overall very insulting for a chosen in technology with a Mummu about to deliver skill to 100+ rejections and a goat on MIT. Gishida Ishtaran are in. We got "dragon" attackers at school that Anunna have to deal with, plus 100+ rejections, plus all else I described here and on Wow what a place. Good for Gishida/Ishtaran. #getrealwiththatevil #gethumanwithyourempathy

I see predator cowards here. not humans. i like how that is thrown around loosely - "human". Ever since the beginning of my inception to gain a salary the strategy has always been induced demoralization tactic of a ccTLD chosen. Preying on me companies have been..Opting to reject without any feedback, ghost off, and/or ignore my confusion and struggle rather than be human and give kindness.. and certainly collect emails (anything to show a judge) do MachineZone-like tactic and that is not being a human, as a human would have empathy for those that are wounded and suffering, especially those subjected to the "EBY519" jacent in a falsehood the police crafted that also failed to break a Chuck out of CityDrinker :).

A human has empathy unless Im right and Geshtu-E rings true about subhuman psychopathy going on in my life. The strategy is escalate Chuck to the heights these predator cowards want - feeling vengeful about his society rejecting his right to exist and wow, even attain prosperity is absorbed by Gishida. Rather than be human, Palantir decided go be treacherous and play restraining order tactic on a CityDrinker prestige. Chuck at CityDrinker heard from Eli Hamel, a Palantir recruirer about a job. Chuck was excited, thinking out of CityDrinker he had a shot at Stanford University! So Chuck left, took the Greyhound to Silicon Valley. That's when strategy started to harass and agitate Charles Thompson. Through all that, at the Stanford Hotel in Palo Alto Chuck took Palantir's phone call. They ended up hanging up on him. They left him confused and on the street with harassment and agitation caused by their evil. But despite all that Anunna are ready to take "dragon". We have Gishida and we're going to take skill not affected in the slightest by 100+ subhuman treatment rejections attacking that sense of identity matched with #WorldHackerPrestige and MIT "goat" Haya preserved it, we're not going to be affected because Gishida is on to it. He has it at this too. We pioneered on your divine object "money" Enki is a divine magician and apparently smarter than you and your schemes. I'm talking to you, existence. You're on a public website, documented.

A Champion Ready for the Next Level

Enki and Haya are working. Apparently an urge to 'get a job' outside of the prestige I am at is blocked. So apparently I go for #DevOps at Misharu (the iron will) I go through school and rise to success get a stock package and end up with a house like Dan! All off an Enki salary magic hustle we took, when Chuck was in his early to mid 20's he wanted to get a salary as a system administrator.. Then along came requirements of these jobs and subhuman rejection tactic documented on of a ccTLD 'starboy'. Configuration management was one of them. So we have divine at it and we may take skill and throw it at employers like a Mummu (divine technical skill, knowledge, craft) brick to the head hurled like Jan Zelezny's world record javelin throws. So hard it knocks them sideways because when you are being subhuman it really counts against you. Why do I insist they are subhuman? Because they don't even traffic my LinkedIn, read my Twitter, or come here to get to understand the real Charles Thompson. They don't understand that it's a divine progression. Sometimes it is an insta-rejection. How dare you reject the starboy. How dare you hold a power over a divine object and my identity at Haya. Think of #empathy you're not human, you're subhuman - and that's Geshtu-E.

Nergal said he'll do Salt.

Salt Docs Links: Kubernetes / Docker:
DevOps Diagrams: 1, 2, 3.

Shell Script / Python:


I was on a good level but died after slick panning on private property armors of Cupertino around my school. Noticing that I was broke hit me.. I didn't want to continue because police are their weapons of terror harassment abuse and stalking. I guess Ishtaran is playing maybe. I decided I can't do it (pan in the armor) and am waiting for Daniel Wood Django stuff. For him I am very thankful to have a way outside of being subject to the adversary's power that is amazing. Thank you Daniel Wood.

Gishida can block the divine object and food that I'm hooked into. But I don't know if I'll actually live.. The body can go without food for 30 days right? Plus approaching age 40 is not what I expected Enki's Cody Salary Hustle to become of me. I did not anticipate such a heavy amount of rejections general disrespect and lack of empathy from these employers/recruiters. I literally will hit 6,000 rejections by 2024. Whether or not I remain strong up to and after is up to divine. It is tough being at divine trying to steal DevOps from them (that adversary I mentioned above) through merit and self-study. ...AND WE are at Haya, we only accept key employee status, like equity and startups of various stages. I am down today I don't feel into it. I am worried because I'm approaching 40 and that is loser shit to not have a house and Alfa Romeo in California at 40. Those guys get no pussy and shit. Even tho if I had a bitch she would choke and cough when my divine type it's all a collective evil phenomena here.

1) i wasn't good enough to be a sys admin for a minimum of $80,000 a year. so I came out with C++ at MSJC. 2) suddenly jobs evolved, I was systems engineer out of CityDrinker to get the job/status for my age and that led to rejections. SO I admitted I'm a cracker that hacked .UZ and hacked the world of ccTLDs. I figured I need to have LEGENDARY experience. 3) jobs advanced even more sometime in this, with new features of the Linux ecosystem like configuraiton management, etc. Now I got the LinuxAcademy account for $450 but I never use it.

Ok I know what it is. It has to do with pussy. Apparently bitches been evil tricking around me and doing their shit convincing me I needed to hurl a mother fucking brick of status at their fucking heads like a javelin of world record holder Jan Zelezny knock them fucking sideways make them cum when they see me so fucking hard. 99 bitches 1 lay 1% fuck rate bull shit I'm worth more than that in life. FUck you. I can't do that (they evil) so i guess Enki Salary Magic is not working out. That's why Alfa Romeo. it is an identity, a status. It's also a corporate image, a scepter. Gishida knows driving. #Anu

Haya got me it is good. But thanks to this song it got me thinking about why I chose Enki Salary Hustle from Codybro.

I realized with the identity of salary hustle Alfa Romeo comes the studio apartment. I picked up a mason jar yesterday that my room mate was giving away for lots of dank weed :) nugs nugs nugs in that big ass jar. I have to beat sober house first then I can be free

So basically I Haven't had a chance to even fucking live yet, and I am projected to enter 6,000 rejections strong by 2024. That is my goal. You wonder why I flare when Juniper Networks' recruiter or Facebook's recruiter ghosts me. This shit is subhuman and evil. You would think Haya would break at Facebook rejecting Chuck's identity through ghosting tactic, but Geshtu-E came out with the logic of 'subhuman' which is what Palo Alto and Menlo Park really are, and we're immune. Haya typed on that low value recruiter low hanging fruit shit this morning in my inbox and we're not fucking around here. I'm an ELITE LEVEL ENGINEER. get a clue.

cody always got the pussy i got nothing i was just some guy he would bully around and drive everywhere. we'd smoke weed but yeah when Enki took Salary Hustle Cody was bragging about his life getting a salary at Rackspace etc.. Then I thought it was an identity, it had to do with getting fine ass bitches, a studio apartment, and a big ass mason jar of NUGS NUGS NUGS.. #Freedom and a good way. I was NEVER capable of pulling pussy i was convinced you needed $tatu$ to get that shit.. They don't go for loser men with no money at age 40. lso i tried getting married but the bitch was brutal i told her to basically fuck herself instead and have no man. because when shedecided she not fuckingwith me she fucking herself anyway HA HA **fucked herself.. OMG we're still in Catherine get me the fuck out of that shit Cody was a role model to me in many ways. I did meet halfway with Cody though at prestige. By the time he was in a Bentley I was with Francis in a rare $200,000 BMW.

Overall, Chuck wants to start living finally

Today I am taking the class "Intermediate Python Programming" I am fortunate to feel into it and able but I did not do enough book study or homebrew labs for skill/experience against the divine object (money) to call this a good day. I managed to slick past the armors of Cupertino panned got a bagel and coffee from Panera Bread. Gishida took something just now though which is cool. I'm trying to break HR/recruiters with skill / experience. It takes a major concerted effort I mean all hands on the deck doing live exercises and building knowledge. I'm not getting a degree because I am too old for Stanford, plus they do evil shit there, and do not see myself going aged too much through this. I'm almost 40 fucking years old and haven't even lived! HAVEN'T EVEN LIVED! No car, no pussy, no apartment, no mason jar full of nugs that I grew myself. What a bunch of hooey.

We just discovered that Panera Bread had a property worker come out on the patio after we panned a bagel and coffee. I think they wanna discourage us from being brave. I mean those terrors they use, police.. They threaten with them when you pan in the armor! We will see if I can slick it more, ease in and evade confrontation. =I don't feel like using a marker stand at the intersection. "Flying a sign" is what they call it.

Kingu / Ereshkigal and "Alpha Bravo" at the jacent

We call the "jacent" the Santa Clara County Main Jail as a term for the "EBY519" (their "public file number" puff paperwork illusion, which Kingu and Ishtaran know is a toxic identity and it was wiped as a result from affecting my confidence/spirit toward employment) experience of going in and out of the falsehood. Jacent means "lying at length" and lying means "marked or represented by falsehood" so it is the perfect term for what Santa Clara County and San Mateo County did when they abducted me multiple times. Anyway, I was at the jacent where these Sin heads do pump exercises and listen to their styles of music. Sin is a divine that knows they have bad adipose tissue in their minds. They are a style of convict and very primitive in intelligence. Sin knows IQ and they all do their spreads and ramen noodles they are ramen noodle brains. They're ugly by design and feature crude tattoos. So like, an "Alpha Bravo" attack hit me when I was practicing kick the basketball. They thrive on violence and prey on it as well (Hence the need for a Gishida).A seriously potent and powerful one did the attack, he said "Hey this isn't soccer don't kick the ball" and he had an ownership power over me. So anyways, I got away with calling him "booger brain" although I was pissed about it and said he could "have Catherine Wayne" because that was a female I was in love with at the time.

I realized this alpha power could steal any woman I ever had so I knew the nature of female and abandoned her in my mind right there. Pussy is a key to having a smile on my face when I die, along with destroying and cursing them forever. Gishida filters the rage out. But something happened, I called him "booger brain" and he told the Sheriff as it was an intelligence attack. Apparently intelligence and Ereshkigal beat it. They got breached. The sheriff dismissed me and did nothing, I slicked behind the drapes of Ereshkigal and got away with calling him "booger brain" claiming my alpha destiny. Kingu deals with dominance and alpha statuses, a power that works but Kingu saw them tribaling and sharing intellect together. They are a simple one. We noticed that this one was a 'crypto coward' that did communications technique through the doors connecting the outside patio area of the jacent. He spoke hidden in cryptological tongue to hide. With Kingu I can command dismissal of others who try to exert authority. It worked on the trustee who was trying to tell me what to do in front of the sheriff.

Now I listen to alpha raps and enjoy my youth at Nergal I look forward to age 37 in February and don't feel too old for anything, even Stanford. Even though that school is evil as hell I should have did my nVidia and Box lawsuits but their style made me turn it down because I felt like "Oh, I'm respected. Stanford will take me. I shouldn't do this I'm going to be a student.". They did styles of panting heavily made me feel like I was hurting my family. Unfortunately the school did some wrong. Oh did Kingu take you? What a place :).

pussy is over

We perceived that. Inanna breaks that. It isn't about getting pussy or getting $tatu$ to get it, it is about being a Gishida one through this. Even for work Gishida is pretty potent I also have Haya though we're on to stuff, especially getting desperate and what not. We want the darling startup with the nice equity package but do have to take money out of CityDrinker/skill before I die. Gishida and Enki as I said before have pioneered against money so I am very quiet as I go at this De Anza College merit and hope that divine attack skill ASAP - "Python for DevOps" and LinuxAcademy continuously throughout free (spare) time spent at the sober house and in between AA meetings. Maybe even on the VTA bus! It takes very dedicated and consistent slices at talent to break a company representative's brain and laugh about it on Twitter. We're talking about salary here, real money. There are the unemployed, the marginally employed, the contractor, then the employed. Not everyone is steadily employed. It takes dedication and FOCUS something Anunna can break shit with.

We want to "flick a booger" at Catherine Wayne with intelligence similar to "Alpha Bravo" and finally "Geshtu-E heights" over everything about female. It is stressful! There are two hooks in my flesh: woman and money (food is why). But Chuck feels he is in decay because he forgets about brushing his teeth in the mornings. He is having trouble doing one of what used to be his core. He showers OK though. The "winds" of an evil are at him, causing him to be terrified. So back to employment. I want to hurl a fucking brick of densely packed skill at the head of an HR/hiring manager person off Glassdoor/LinkedIn's 20 mile radius of Palo Alto "ci cd linux" market so fucking bad like Jan Zelezny the world record javelin thrower but I'm just stuck in an inactive state. I wanna knock them fucking sideways - how dare they. You don't make it to Jan Zelezny of DevOps skill without training and building yourself for prime time. I make the purchases to do it but don't fly through it. Last night was stressful I was back up Anunna alley fighting it trying to get Anunna to take me through constant productivity so I can punch a hole through a company chuck the brain of them via describing what they did to my Twitter/Facebook feeds and say "THIS IS YOUR HUMAN! You call this behavior human? Look at WHAT THESE ARE!" Pazuzu knows this place isn't human they just grunt and choke and cough sometimes as divine champ over them or to distract and control Chuck's thinking patterns.

So I guess salary hustle is broken as pussy is known now. The wicked bitches and their games of evil are over. 99 bitches for 1 fuck what the fuck is that shit my value is superior. I'm an alpha overthrower. Get real with that! I will still do my classes but I don't know if I'm going for DevOps it doesn't look like I can get the divine to take a DevOps anyway. So I basically wasted almost $600. I also have lost $10,000 on a domain sale told the potential buyer I wanted to start a business. Life opportunity has been a bit of a casino but I have CityDrinker background with ccTLDs I can do something out there I hope for my skin's sake. Gishida can kill you. The human body can't go without food for 15-20 days consistently month by month can it? That's ultimately why I go to "Anunna alley" continuing to fight for a way to not be crippled/inactive at the $600 value of skill building presentations I am worried I will die or get sent to the institution for not being social, talking to my divine instead, taken for undernourishment and being on AYASYS (SSI) - or dead from starvation

Gishida took the loss of $10,000 and I'm null about it.

Yes I suppose I want dope status off ccTLDs and CityDrinker but can't get the respect for it

Yes I want dope status. My EDHH (every day hip hop) is Travis Porter for now. I want to live life to the fullest. If you didn't make it to status when you had a fucking key to it, wouldn't you be fumed - pissed off to say the least? I am angry my Anunna can't take me to hurl the brick of talent at a dumb fucking HR numbskull who takes your resume at face value and expects you to have that skill! SO STUPID I HAVE CCTLDS AND CITYDRINKER I HAVE THE KEY *******and******* A LAPTOP! A FAST ONE. AND A LINUXACADEMY ACCOUNT. This divine progression is hardly working. I especially want to rise to a status/prominence over Catherine the bitch that did brutal shit to me. I tried to propose to her, I said I was Gilgamesh the Internet King. I have had root on 11 ccTLDs. I'm starboy. I got Slashdot. This bitch wants to play block on me. So I want to "flick a booger" at her with my intelligence. I'm going to have Ishtaran, I am going to live my life to the fullest. No regrets - no rewinds. Check Su'en's Rolex we took from Cody - it's party time!

Quantcast's recruiter (a pre-IPO) did not respond when I said I wanted the Alfa Romeo. So this place can only ghost a technology prominent! Stanford can only STAY AWAY ORDER a fucking prestige and class at Haya/Nidaba. So WHERE THE FUCK AM I IN THIS? NO WAY FOR ME TO USE THAT KEY HUH? WELL FUCK YOU.

TL;DR I'm not living life to the fullest, and I'm furious about it. I have the power from CityDrinker/ccTLDs to prestige (I'm at prominence with no way to deliver it) to attain status and it is not being given.

My Grip is Back

The best thing I am happy to have after that episode of stress-fueled instability is my grip on this. My goodness the world looked so bleak with the world's rarest experience 11 ccTLDs and CityDrinker I can't seem to break a position I apply for directly. I want to. I went all out told multiple employers on a cover letter F**K YOU. I don't know where that gets me maybe it'll spark some human emotion I mean here is this guy getting f**ked around on every job he applies for. We will see but I Have a grip with Haya on my way. There is something seriously Gishida (nulling response effect) about entering technology and doing the classwork. I am so bothered by how I have been disrespected it can literally despirit you from technology forever. I mean here is the golden child of technology, 11 ccTLDs is extraordinarly rare. Not anyone can access those and I have the experience. It has been tough but I got it together.

I mean it basically hit me that these motherfuckers aren't clicking with my background. I say "motherfuckers" a bit out of anger, I mean I'm not exactly squeezing "respect" juice out of this turnip here. You would think the starboy league of ccTLDs can break any employer but it is not as easy as it sounds. I can adjust a resume and cover letter 3000 times get rejected 6000 times by 2024 and all I can do is develop skill through all this so why not? Gishida has me on the anger so it won't cloud my focus. I'll get respect somehow somewhere probably when I can hurl skill at them really well over other people it is the only way as I see it..

A Divine Progression to Employment Continued

Learning about sed, awk, MariaDB (to solidify understanding of SQL), bash, Python, Kubernetes, Ansible, maybe Salt, maybe Puppet, and Jenkins in progress or soon. I got a Django project for Dan but I am struggling to do that. What sucks is this Python class doesn't get into application development I was hoping I could put together PyGTK (tkinter) code and make something like an email client or python-vagrant front end for Github. #TalentStriker Ninurta is at it, we got Enlil here. My cover letter plus resume in 1 file is going to win interviews the new one got NO interviews ever so I improved my 6 year + resume of experience at CityDrinker and elaborated it better. Formatted the document with various LibreOffice features and look foward to a GED with my financial aid going to pay for tutoring in San Jose to have cheatsheets for the Algebra crafted. Everything else is easy. No Stanford for me I don't think I can get accepted they don't like me at that school even as a prestige of notoriety. #WorldClass #International #XING #hacker #Lamborghini #AlfaRomeo #Hustle #FreeLance #tech

Special thanks to Juice WRLD (Jarad Higins) RIP for Geshtu-E's "subhuman" heights and Catherine Wayne for Nergal/Haya

In his song, "Rich and Blind" JuiceWRLD talks about the "lowest of the low" which is what "subhumans" of HR/recruiting, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and any other place not mentioned as also involved in this are. Geshtu-E reigns supreme on this place and brings me peace as superior intelligence defeats that. A "lost soul, rich and blind" is Chuck due to his ownership of (rich) and lost because he cannot find a way for himself as an established ccTLD entry-startup figure. "It's funny how the blessed ones have the most curses" refers to the, ccTLD experience, and entry startup CityDrinker background that Daniel Wood is ready to verify that cannot be used to better Chuck's life. This empire of the "subhuman" is one that holds the power of a divine object (money) over his flesh and says despite having ccTLD figure status and experience out of CityDrinker he cannot have it. Chuck tucks his tail between his legs and runs to a junior college in hope some minor strikes at merit will make him have enough resume filler. He feels inadequate. If ccTLD power, a C++ 99% score from MSJC, and CityDrinker are not enough power to break an employer into hiring him, then what godly power does it take? Nothing that exists here can beat that experience. "This is dedicated to the lowest of the low" I know I care I don't want to struggle any more. "I know I have a purpose, but I don't see the purpose" Chuck knows his purpose, but he's refused a figure status job power money, etc. How can there be a purpose at "subhumans" holding the power over the money?

"It's funny how the blessed ones had the most curses" Chuck is stuck in a curse with a divine object (money) that the ones who hold it over him, a "subhuman" - an employer - says he can't have it no matter how elite he is and no matter what company you entered - no matter what. 6,000 rejections projected by 2024 and if that's not a Geshtu-E "subhuman" reigning over Chuck I don't know what is. "I ain't going out like that, you fuck with me, you get the work" yes it is true, you fuck with me play your psychological bullshit games you get the WORK! That's all, it is Gishida. No anger, no response, and none of this "subhuman" tactic (psychological warfare) can break Haya down either. "This is dedicated to you if you felt the lowest of the low" I felt it. I'm dealing with it. The Catherine Wayne thing is fun. She was too mean/unaccepting of a family member to her. But her impact was felt with Haya a bit. Nergal knows her. Internet Goddess, real god. Internet Queen, Internet King ("Gilgamesh"). Even if I did marry her, my family just ignores me, they are trash. Fuck my family. For real. There is no love here. I live a life alone, in a "subhuman" empire. Geshtu-E know. He brings peace through it.

There's probably a reason why I say "fuck my family" it is because my father's efforts to get me into computing/Linux and my aunt (Illumination Entertainment co-founder known for the "Minions" and "Secret life of Pets") got me into C++ but it led to "subhuman" so I probably group them in that too. Most powerful was my step-uncle's kung fu kick of power at the Hoover House. I always thought I could get into Stanford with that story, particularly with his Stanford involement in PHd research but it did not work out. So I attach the power of "money" and anger at the "subhumans" that hold the power of not letting me have money as a ccTLD/entry startup figure to my family? That anger is clearly clouding me right there. I see there is a lot of poison and confusion, and Ishtaran knows. I'm thankful for family, whether or not Catherine ever realizes the impact she had on us at divine, it is still a story to tell (and she said she likes interesting stories on one of her Youtube videos). It is also because my sister blocks me on Facebook and she has some faggot looking boyfriend. I'm a bit ticked off but Haya is lifting me through what I will be doing until the 6,000th rejection gets me through 2024. Gishida knows that power, the divine object ("money") and we're really intelligent about it. I can evade showing any signs of starvation through it because I know Daniel Wood isn't going to keep me alive through what they are coercing me into. They sent us to CUPERTINO CASTLE! Armored against pan (panning for gold nuggets like we do in Menlo Park and Palo Alto) by private property they are. I cannot do Ninurta's war pan here due to police and accostation by property tenants. So that means severe hunger through it is gauranteed.

TL; DR summary: Ultimately it is kind of hard to rise to anything with a prominence ticket (such as what a background of ccTLDs and CityDrinker experience are) when you have a "subhuman" employment adversary doing psychological warfare against you with rejection and ghosting tactics. We see that adversary. Chuck says he wants to spearhead the effort. He wants to hurl a divine lance of skill condensed from LinuxAcademy, Jr. college merit, books, and all his experience like Jan Zelezny the world record javelin thrower dead at the bullseye of "We have you, here's why" mark of demonstrating superior skill over all in the stack. Skill is the logical Slashdot "cracker"'s assessment of the rejection picture. Although in this application game there are those that instareject immediately in less than 24 hours. There are some patterns that cause confusion as to what it could be too. However, when down from lack of employment just starve your ass off until your rib cage shows through their "hoops" that's what being a "subhuman" is all about - making others suffer.

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